About Us

Who We Are

The title “painter” or “blaster” doesn’t quite fit the job description for anyone on the SanCoat team. Each SanCoat employee from the owner to the newest crew member is an artisan — someone who has worked hard to hone their skills to create the level of quality products our high standards demand. We are passionate about creating the best products possible, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and working with our clients to provide the best experience. Our staff includes experienced professionals who have all gone through extensive training and certifications.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, the company that would become SanCoat began in 1965 and transitioned to SanCoat in 1979. The Principals of SanCoat have more than 75 years of experience and have dedicated their professional careers to the industry. As our leaders watched it evolve, they witnessed the best (and worst) ways to serve clients. They have devoted their lives to learning this craft and building a business based on integrity. Their strong values continue to guide the company placing an emphasis on employee safety, environmental standards, quality craftsmanship and producing the best finished products.

What is abrasive blasting and surface preparation?

Abrasive blasting (also referred to as sandblasting) is the process of using high pressured compressed air or water to propel abrasive material
(such as sand, coal slag, or glass beads) to remove surface contaminants and provide a measured surface profile.