What We Do

We provide the best in abrasive blasting, coating, painting, linings, epoxy and zinc coatings. All our services are performed by talented, highly skilled staff according to strict quality control standards in environmentally friendly facilities. If you’re looking to do work with a company that values the customer, our employees and the quality of our products, you’ve come to the right place.


Our coatings systems vary on your project and needs. We provide acrylics, epoxy – 100% solids, phenolics, urethanes – 100% (expanded or unexpanded), urethanes – aliphatic and aromatic, urethanes – moisture cured, zinc – inorganic & organic, zinc – moisture Cured, fireproofing, alkyds – water & oil, coal tar epoxy, epoxy phenolic, polyester, vinylester, latex, silicon based systems and high heat systems.

Abrasive Blast

San Coat’s options for surface preparation include abrasive blasting utilizing various media sources such as copper or coal slag, steel shot, and grit to glass beads for stainless steel. We offer water injected abrasive blasting and a complete abrasive blast recycle system.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an excellent alternative to many conventional coatings. With no thinner to emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), powder coating offers significant advantages for our environment.

San Coat stands out in our ability to handle large structural pieces. We utilize an abrasive blast reclaiming system for all surface preparation in place of a phosphate cleaner which can be detrimental to our environment. Abrasive blasting ensures maximum coating adhesion.

Portable Crews

Allow us to travel with our equipment and material to your site.

Trusted Customers and Successful Partners:

SanCoat is proud to do work for many recognizable industrial names and work within our community of San Antonio. Our work is used around the world and we have a finished product on several continents. Our products have also served clients in petroleum refining and distribution, chemical industry, power generation, food and beverage suppliers, transportation and many public service sectors, going to work in power plants, water treatment and sanitary facilities across the country. No matter your need or industry, we’d love to partner with you to help build something great.

From NASA to Your Back Yard…
No project is to big or too small.

Services Photo Gallery

Interior Pipe Coating

Portable Units

Portable Units

Abrasive Blasted

Blast Building

Powder Coat Oven

Cattle Trailer Blasted and Primer prior to White Finish Coat

Cattle Trailer White Finish Coat