Protecting What Matters Most

Our People

Our employees are our most valuable asset at SanCoat and we are dedicated to making sure each member of our team makes it home to have dinner with their family. Our people are important to us, which is why each employee undergoes extensive safety training and SanCoat maintains emergency action plans and high safety tracking standards.

Our Environment

All of our coating and painting is performed inside so we greatly reduce/limit the VOCs released into the environment. This process conserves paint while also containing it from contaminating the air or soil. Conservation is one of our SanCoat values — that’s why we recycle.

We Value Safety

The health and safety of all personnel and the environment is a top priority for SanCoat. All SanCoat employees receive required OSHA annual safety courses and facilities are routinely inspected by a third-party safety consultant with more than 40 years of experience in employee safety to ensure our compliance with OSHA safety standards and maintain our employee safety education. Each member of our staff begins their SanCoat tenure with “safety first” attending safety orientation and continue to take additional classes in hazard communication and protective procedures throughout their time working with us. Our team is prepared to deal with safety emergencies, but we prioritize avoiding hazards first, so we never have to deploy our emergency hazard plans. Our commitment to safety is key to our quality process and part of our mission to do business with integrity.