State of the Art Enclosed Filtrated Buildings

To many, it may seem like just a building, but our investment in our facilities makes us stand out from the crowd. Referred to as the premier facility in the Southwest, our facilities include 23,000 square feet of state-of-the-art filtrated indoor work spaces distributed through separate structures and 8 acres of lay out space.

Historically, abrasive blasting and painting would be performed outside leaving projects and workers exposed to the elements and delaying work days due to inclement weather. Time is money and these delays cost clients and the industry. Our facilities provide a safe space for our employees and the perfect conditions for our paints and products. These buildings are more than large open work spaces, the filtrated systems and indoor controlled environments allow us to complete projects faster and create an optimal finished product.

Our facilities also are part of our dedication to a clean environment. By doing our work inside the filtrated work spaces, it keeps our product, equipment and any excess materials from damaging the environment while at the same time keeping our air quality high. Protecting the environment and our workers is a vital part of the SanCoat Values and the investment we place in our facilities and maintenance speaks to our commitment to quality in all areas of our business.